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4 years later


Laleh - November

Friday, November 26


Noen ganger er det simpelthen ikke så lett å vite hva samtalen egentlig handler om.
Her om dagen, når Helle var på besøk, hadde vi en samtale om hvordan fransk er vanskelig.
Rakel og jeg var riktig oppslukt i emnet, og Helle var også med på den.
Trodde vi. Helt til.

Helle: Det er så rart hvordan strekene plutselig er den ene veien, og så den andre.
Meg: Ja, ikke sant? Jeg vet ikke helt hvordan det funker, men jeg tror det har noe med hvordan man uttaler det å gjøre.
Rakel: Ja, det er liksom hvor man legger trykket hen når man sier det.


Helle: Nei, jeg mener. Pupillene til kattene...

Monday, November 8

Shoe twins

Kids of America

So, life is pretty much so normal in Canada that I forget that I actually have "news". Or at least, something to write about. The funny thing about moving to America is that there are some cliches that you talk about when watching, oh let's say The Hills, that you go like: "Man, how can they do that all the time? Lazy bastards with money.."
But THEN. Then you move to Montreal, and you find yourself in an apartment with a convection oven that you can't for the life of you figure out, and you haven't bought enough cutlery to eat more that two meals before you're out and have to use a knife to consume your ice cream. That's when you can't seem to avoid eating too many meals out.
Or order in. A lot.
So the other day, (or a lot of days ago, I guess) Rakel and I were going out for lunch, and we went to Eggspectation, probably the best invention of restaurants of all time. Basically, they have anything egg-like.
We usually go for omelets or I order my two fried eggs with potatoes or maybe even scrambled eggs.
So we were sitting there, waiting for our food, when Rakel said: "You know when we talked about how the guys on The Hills always go out to eat all the time and we laughed?"
And we looked at each other for a long time, and then we laughed. And then we spent a lot of time making those awkward faces to each other that they make on The Hills when they don't talk about anything.
Then we laughed some more.

My next update also revolves around food, which makes me surprised I haven't gained 1000 kg after I moved here.
Anyway. One night last week we decided to order in, and we went for this burger-place that just started delivering through this delivery-page we found (almost like Roomservice in Norway).
They have the most awesome veggie-burgers with like. Anything on them. Even truffle. Who wants truffle on their burgers?! We ordered burgers without truffles and waited in anticipation. After about an hour, which is unusual, they never take more than 45 minutes, finally someone knocked on the door.
The delivery guy was extremely hectic and weird, and he handed me one small bag that didn't exactly fit what I expected, because you know, we were hungry. So we ordered a lot of stuff.
Anyway, I asked him if he was sure that was all. He said yes, yes, he was very sure. I signed and closed the door.
Opened the tiny bag only to find there was only one burger, and where was our spicy mayo and pickles?
In panic, I ripped open the door and shouted after him, telling him I think he must have been mistaken, where's our other truckload on condiments? He looked at me for a short moment, and said: "Oh no. Ooooh no. I know what happened, I was just...Oooh nooo. Wait! I'll be right back! Wait there!"
Disgruntled, I said fine, and walked back into the apartment to put the first burger on a plate, along with the fries and gave it to Rakel.
We were talking about this horrifying event, when there was another knock on the door.
He was already back, the confused delivery man, with two bags, panting like a mad man.
"I gave you wrong, this is yours." he said, and handed me the bags. Turns out, he had given us completely the wrong order. Rakel almost had a french fries in her hand when he ran in our door and yanked the fries off her plate.
"Can you do that?" she said. He ensured us there was nothing to worry about, everything was completely fine! He proceeded to stuff the opened burger and fries back in the bag we initially received and ran out the door while frantically apologizing and repeating that it was a very bad day.
We were left confused and bewildered, with two opened veggie-burgers that some crazy person in our building had probably drooled all over. Also, that can't be allowed!
It was, however, highly entertaining, so we forgave him. Also, we were hungry.

My next update will make us sound incredibly snobby (as if the first updates haven't already).
On Friday, after a highly stressful week filled with almost going to Ikea, and almost going shopping, but then hindered by my laziness, we got back from work unusually early because we decided to skip Friday beers at work.
But when we got out of the elevator on our floor, we noticed, to our big surprise, that there was a cart looking like it belonged to a cleaning lady standing outside in our hallway.
We looked at each other with wild eyes, thinking she might be in our apartment, and how that would be awkward, because you know, she's our cleaning lady, and she would be cleaning, and we would be there.
We locked ourselves in, and were even more dissatisfied by the fact that she wasn't there, but she hadn't even been there yet. Horrified, we realized this could only mean one thing. She would come in while we were home, and do her whole routine with us present.
Which in fact, she did. At 6 PM she knocked on the door and we said: Oh noes! But not out loud.
Out loud we smiled stiff smiles and said hi.
She came inside and commenced her cleaning. Rakel kept saying she wanted to flee the apartment, while I said that I refused to go outside just because she hadn't been here yet. Also, it was too cold and I was being my lazy self.
Rakel stayed, but looked increasingly uncomfortable with every minute passing.
And let me tell you, many minutes passed! She did in fact do a terrific job, just this one time when we wished she would just swiffer the place down in ten minutes and run out of here.
Also, she tried to make some small talk, which turned out to be a bit more complicated than usual, as she doesn't speak English. And we do not yet master the art of French.
We mimed and spoke loudly to each other a bit, because that always helps communication, but after establishing that she was Angelica and I was Pia, and I lived there with Rakel, we gave up.
At 8 PM, after Rakel had threatened to leave many times, and Angelica had dusted our TV while we were watching it, and vacuumed to the hissing sound of our cats, which also apparently really wanted her to leave, she was finally done and left us with a "Have a good weekend" in awkward English.
The minute she closed the door behind her, Rakel and I collapsed in sighs of relief.
I don't know what it is that makes it so uncomfortable to have some stranger walk around in your apartment cleaning up your mess, but it was definitely weird.
Probably because I wanted to sit in the couch in my underwear watching Roller Derby while drinking beer...

In other news, this afternoon we had the most wonderful visit to IKEA.
This seems completely impossible, I know, but we did it. So the good news is that we have learned a lot from our last try, so we're getting smarter. And we now have a sofa bed for when Helle comes to visit us next week.
Which will be so awesome!
And not only because Rakel will get liquorice and I will get spray deodorant, but because we miss Helle!

Good night, and Godspeed!

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Tuesday, November 2

Tuesday, October 26


Do you ever get to that moment in life where you shake your head at yourself?
Well, you can't really call it "that" moment, I guess there are many.
But sometimes there are just some moments that makes you feel worse about it than all the other times.
I guess it can be called an epiphany.

The moment when you realize you'll never grow up.
When your actions are just so crazy to you that you can't even begin to explain them in the first place.
Sometimes there are just no excuses, no matter how many you might have to list.
Well, back to the start. Again.

Friday, October 15

Great Weather

Like, seriously though, we have the best weather in Montreal these days.

But you know, that's what Rakel got the umbrella for. I'm so glad it worked out for her. It sure seems to help!
Other than that, I thought it was time to update with some pictures from the apartment, since I haven't really done that here.
Don't laugh though, cause we're going to Ikea to further populate the emptiness in here. But here's what it look like right now: 

It's finally Friday, so here's hoping you all have a great weekend guys, and stay healthy and so on.
Oh, and come visit. You can sleep on the uncomfortable sofa. 
Well, unless that Ikea thing happens. Then you'll get to sleep on some uncomfortable bed-solution instead.

Thursday, October 14

Random bathroom conversations

"Do you work in the office next door to ours?"
-"Uhm, sure, if your office is the one next to ours."
"Yeah, cool, what are you guys called again?"
"Right. Are you guys Finnish or something?"
-"No, no actually we're Norwegian. Kind of like Finnish though."
"Yeah. What is "hi" in Norwegian?"
-"Uhm, it's "hei"!"
"Oh. HAHA. So what's "how are you?"
-*feeling awkward* "Eh, hvordan går det?"
"Oh, that's different from Finnish!"
-"Yeah, you know Finnish?"
"No, not really."


In other news, I suck:

I was so sure there were more orange thumbtacks than green ones. Also, I wish I had the time to make them straighter, but that would look kind of strange spending time on.
Now I'm just really put off by looking at them.

Wednesday, October 13


I had to laugh just now, when I realized that my latest blog about Canada, I wrote in Norwegian.

Anyway. Yesterday, we had Campbell tomato soup.
It was seriously really horrible. I ate it all anyway, and then felt bad.

I just ordered sushi though, to make up for it.


Tuesday, October 5

This picture made me cry

Because you look so happy.

Friday, October 1

Canada blog part something

Oppdateringene har vært få i det siste, og for alt dere vet gikk Ikea rett vest, og vi sitter nå på pappesker i stua med fyrstikker å varme oss på.
Det ble ikke sånn. Faktisk var det en overraskende hyggelig opplevelse å returnere til Ikea og innse at alle møblene vi hadde plukket ut fremdeles lå i vogner (og det var tre av dem) ved kassene når vi kom tilbake.
Med andre ord, vi gjorde det bra.
Etter det har det dog dukket opp andre utfordringer.
Mest av den kjedelige sorten, hvilket forklarer hvorfor oppdateringer har skjedd relativt sjeldent.
Uansett, livet er tilbake til normalen i Canada. Det vil si, tilbake til hvor normalt det kan bli. Vi hentet møbler, så vi har innredet leiligheten vår etter beste evne, men jeg innser etterhvert at innredere forøvrig har bedre skills enn meg.
Alle de hjemmehyggelige leilighetene vi så før vi flyttet inn var veldig imponerende personlige, mens vår er litt mer bord, piano, TV.
Men det vil si, vi har faktisk oppfylt Rakels største drøm og anskaffet ett piano. Et sånt elektronisk ett, og det er utrolig stilig, og det får meg til å føle meg elendig hver gang jeg husker at jeg ikke kan spille.
Ellers har jeg piercet underleppa på nytt, og da jeg gikk ut derfra følte jeg meg ca 14 år gammel. Heldigvis var det ingen som oppdaget det fordi mitt ansikt åpenbart er så fullt av feil at ingen ser om jeg har en prikk eller to ekstra bestående av metall. Flaks!
Rakel har vært flittig, og ikke bare meldte hun seg på Roller Derby Boot Camp, hun har nå bestått to av fem tester!
Jeg er superstolt. Rakel er den fødte blocker, og jeg gleder meg til hun består tre tester til så jeg kan se henne i en ordentlig kamp, noe hun er utrolig nervøs for! Jeg har all tro på at det kommer til å gå fint.
Vi har også nylig påbegynt fransk-kursene våre, 13 uker, 2 timer, 2 ganger i uka. Det er uutholdelig, men likevel endelig noe jeg føler jeg endelig mestrer siden jeg har jukset litt. Jeg og Ingrid.
Rakel er ikke like entusiastisk, og oppfører seg som en seksåring med ADHD hver gang vi har kurs, men jeg lover, når vi besøker Norge neste gang er det masse briefing på gang.
Jeg skrev til og med en lapp til vaskedamen i dag (okei, jeg brukte kanskje google translate bittelitt).
Men altså. Det meste horrible i den setningen var kanskje vaskedame. Ja, vi sank så lavt.
Det hele ble trigget mest av alt fordi vi i forrige uke hadde en jentekveld ute med en fra jobben, og endte opp med overnattingsbesøk. Alle som kjenner meg vet hvor håpløst stresset jeg blir når jeg ikke har ryddig leilighet når jeg får besøk, for alle vet jo at når det kommer til menneskelige relasjoner er det viktigst hvor ren leilighet du har.
Heldigvis hadde jeg drukket for mange øl til å innse hvilket stort feilgrep det var å la noen overnatte i vår pelsete leilighet, men det betyr ikke at man ikke våkner dagen derpå.
Noe jeg gjorde. Og jeg innså da at hvis vi er for late til å vaske og rydde selv, må vi rett og slett ansette hushjelp.
I Canada er dette helt normalt, føler jeg. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Uansett, jeg fikk så angst at jeg selvfølgelig ryddet og vasket leiligheten før vaskehjelpen kom. Jeg føler det blir interessant å følge opp om dette er noe som kommer til å bli en vane.
I så fall, godt investerte penger.
Ellers er Canada ikke så mye annerledes enn Norge, noe jeg fortalte mannen fra avisen som intervjuet meg i forbindelse med flytting hit.
Jeg tror muligens han synes jeg var verdens kjedeligste intervju-objekt. Men jeg fikk i det minste mine 15 minutter i rampelyset. Det eneste jeg hadde å melde var hvor sinnsykt det er at Canada fortsatt mener at sjekker er det beste betalingsmiddelet. Ja, det stemmer. Vi må betale husleie med sjekk. Wtf?
Og enda en morsom fact, folk her går til telefonselskapets lokaler for å betale telefonregningene sine med kontanter på en maskin. Herregud. Noen ganger spør jeg om folk har hørt om teknologi her. Da blir de veldig fornærmet.
Det er det eneste jeg er god på i dette landet. Fornærme folk over teknologi og kjip liksom-fransk.
Som om jeg er den som bør si noe....
Det er det jeg har på hjertet for denne gangen. Stay tuned. Eller noe.
Og ja. Sees på Dinah Shore i april. Kom kom!

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Monday, August 2

Canada blog part 3

One more week flew by, at least. I'm getting more familiar with Montreal, and all of the fun that comes with that!
Today was a classic example of that fun, particularly. But first, a short recap of recent events.
Rakel and I went walking (!) again, and found soon found ourselves at Neon Skates MTL, which is a tiny room in the back of another shop, and they sell equipment for Roller Derby. Rakel is set to start training any minute now, while I am being my usual indecisive self, still not sure whether or not to go for it.
We've still not purchased the equipment needed, but Rakel has confirmed boot camp participation, and I will get back to that later. ^^
I've however tried out some break dancing, which was a lot of fun, but those who know me, also probably know I'm pretty good at starting things I won't finish. So we'll see how that goes too.
We also went to Osheaga this weekend, and it was pretty neat. We got to see Beach House, which was sort of disappointing, mostly due to bad sound on their end, and lack of participation and engagement on ours.
The main attraction for us that day was Robyn, and that did not disappoint one bit! Beside that fact that we tried getting a picture of Rakel with her, but she was in too much of a hurry to notice our stalker-like attempts to attract her attention.
But the absolute highlight must have been "With Every Heartbeat", ending the concert accompanied by Montreal fireworks at just the right time. It was sort of magical.
We then ran for Arcade Fire and got to see Rebellion (Lies) and Neighborhood, and it was very very nice, even though it was better seeing them in Oslo, not doing a festival gig.
The day after, we were feeling a bit under the weather and went to see Metric, but we did not regret that, they were fantastic. Stadium Love was absolutely wicked, and Emily Haines kicks ass on stage.

Today, we had our first day back at work. It felt good getting back in there after the long break, there is such a thing as vacations lasting for too long.
And after work, we went to Ikea Montreal!
After a pretty long trip, doing metro and bus out to the middle of nowhere, as I would call it, we finally reached our destination, and pretty much spent 3-4 hours picking out essentials for our new place.
It was actually one of the better experiences I've had at Ikea, not too crowded and buying new stuff has always been one of my favorite activities. A bit of a let down when we went to get some food, as we found out that they did not sell the falafels they have in Norway. But when we asked to buy beer, we got all excited again, all was well.
Until we realized communication had failed us yet again, and we had actually purchased root beer. Success!

We finally made it through the store however, got all the huge stuff we needed to pick up, and got to the cash register. Getting all our stuff through there took some time, and then we were all set and ready to pay.
Then Rakel tried swiping her card only to find that it had a purchase limit of 1000$ daily, and we could not actually pay for our stuff.....So that was time well spent, we found.
Luckily, in the end they came up with the solution to put our stuff on hold for tomorrow and told us to come back with cash and pick up our fucking shit! They seemed superhappy about that, alright!
Anyway, I was so happy about our successful day, and the fact that we now had to do the bus and metro all the way back, I did the hamster dance so intensely that Rakel laughed until she cried.
Needless to say, I now needed a beer before getting some sleep for tomorrows trials.
Stay tuned as we find out whether or not someone has been too eager, and put all our stuff away again!

Goodnight from Montreal, Canada.

Sunday, July 25

Band of Horses - I Go to the Barn Because I Like The

The mess you wear with pride

Friday, July 23

Canada blog part 2

So we're celebrating one week in Canada by staying in and having Coronas (that were on sale, 18 dollars for 12, which is equivalent to 110 norwegian kroner.) As if that is not reason enough to celebrate, we've had all sorts of events happen the last week. First of all, we've been huge on walking, which is a good sign for us. Or at least for me, Miss Lazy.
Anyway, not only is the weather fantastic, even though it's actually raining quite a bit, but we've signed the lease for our new place already. As it turns out, we did not decide to stay at La Cité, but moved on the greener pastures. Or at least, that's what we tell ourselves. Our new place is located at Club Sommet, and so far it looks great. We'll get back to how it actually turn out the moment we know ourselves.
After we signed the lease, we decided to go for a walk (!!) and ended up walking up Mont Royale. It was absolutely beautiful, and if I hadn't left my phone-cable back in a box in Norway, I'd post pictures of the view. We saw the entire city from up there, and I am still proud I managed to walk up all those stairs and not even feel it one bit after on.
Latest news; Today we drove to the States. Yes, I've now been to the United States of America.

Well, I've crossed the border, done a u-turn and gone back. We got to see the country side of Canada though, and we tried out the cuisine of the roads. Grilled cheese sandwich. Boy, was it ever tasty.
Other than that, we're still planning on doing our laundry one of these days. When we do, I'll totally write all about it.
No, seriously, we've tried the launderette in the basement and it shrunk all our clothes. I can't wait to do it again!
This weekend is going to be pretty uneventful, but on Monday...wait for it! We're getting a bank account!
So exciting. The formalities of new countries are great to blog about, surely!
By the way, if you ever go to Montreal, be sure to visit The Keg downtown. Fantastic food, great atmosphere, all in all a good night out.
We went to see Interception as well, with huge expectations, and all though it wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen, it was well worth a visit to the Cinema for sure.
That's it for this week in Montreal, if I ever find wifi for more than a couple of minutes at a time, I'll try posting some boring pictures of what we've done as well!
Good night peoples. <3

Thursday, July 22

Wednesday, July 21

Mew - 156

You can run away

Sunday, July 18

Canada blog part 1

Greetings from Montreal, Canada.
I made it over here a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd share a few pleasures and pains about it, really. 
First of all, who could imagine it would be so easy to bring cats to Canada. If you were wondering, btw. It's very easy.
Paperwork, fine. I mean, we did prepare well. But for all I know, they didn't even look twice at it. Or once. Whatever.
Thing is. We delivered the cats and papers at the airport in Norway. So far, so good. They had no security questions what so ever. Oh, unless; "Are they babies?" counts as a security question. In which case. Good job, Gardermoen.
Then we hopped on the plane, and two hours later, we arrived in Amsterdam, and went off the stupid stairs to the ground to get off. But then, as we got off, I suddenly spotted the cats (or guys carrying the cats out of the hold) and I was determined to see them. Amazingly enough, I got to. Rakel asked to see them, and these really sweet guys carried them over and they looked completely retarded. (The cats by the way, not the guys). I mean, one was going MEOW!!! and the other looked sort of paralyzed, drooling with huge staring eyes.
At least I got to see them, right?
And then I got to think: Oh my God, I am putting them through another 8 hours of this crap. Poor cats.
Anyway. 8 hours later. We arrive at the airport, and I go straight to the KLM counter to ask where the cats are, because a friend of mine told me cats were transported a bit away from the airport and i had to pick them up there.
Apparently that was not the case this time. The woman went: Yeah, they should be delivered to you by the baggage claims.
We went there, of course, and what do you know, someone abandoned our cats right there, in the middle of the airport, just sitting there. I am so glad we didn't buy expensive cats with nice DNA now. Bastards ftw!
This was after passport control, by the way, which we were sure we would fail as we do not really have all our paperwork and also, we have return tickets 77 days from now. Yeah. "Vacation". Still feels like vacation, though, so I guess we're not liars.
Anyway, after that we arrived at La Cité, our current apartment, which is actually pretty great and we might want to stay here for a while. The cats did not only survive, but they are as I am writing, being so calm I could swear they're dead. (Honestly, I've checked. Don't worry, they ARE alive.)

Tonight, we went to see our very first Roller Derby game. And we've been obsessing about Roller Derby for a while now, seriously. And let me tell you something. It was for good reason!!
Roller Derby is the best sport there is. Ever. I will post pictures shortly, I swear.
But all in all, Montreal is pretty great so far. And I will keep doing my Canada blogs which no one reads, just for fun.
Good night all! We will be typing soon!

Saturday, July 10

Lets be friends!

Facebook friendships are retarded. When did friendships on Facebook become the official form of friendships in general. If someone deletes you as a friend from a page filled with one-click buttons, it's just over. Forever.
This is not a rage-post because someone deleted me as a friend, all though it might seem like it. Many a friend has probably deleted me from their lists, and I can't care less, I probably didn't even notice. In fact, I never have noticed, beside that one time where someone told me about the deletion. I deleted a friend.
Only because it was too annoying watching their status-updates, and I was pulling my hair out wondering if there wasn't anything I could do about that. And then I realized, you know, it's a fucking internet-page. I can do whatever I want to. It's not that official.
But apparently, I was wrong. It is. It's the new statement. Deletion from Facebook is damn serious these days.
You're not playing games anymore if you do. People get offended. You're being childish.
Who cares about Facebook? How many of the 300-1500 friends you have on there do you actually see from time to time? 30? Probably. Unless you're unemployed and seriously social. Good for you.
/rant over.

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Tuesday, June 15

Metric - Between the Bars

Images stuck in your head

Friday, April 9


Tuesday, March 30

Wednesday, March 24

Langt vekk

Det er så mange ting som peker på et liv langt vekk.

Jeg vet ikke hva det betyr, men jeg sier skål for nye begynnelser.
Back to the drawing board.

Friday, March 19


Every word was written, and all that was left was blank.
I don't know how we got here.
It all seems so pointless now, so random and so like nothing.

Thursday, March 11

You can take your double standard love and keep it.


Du er, du er en så stor klisje at det gjør vondt. Det er på den latterlige måten, den som gjør at jeg ler av dine repetative uttalelser som er så store, så store, men som du ikke har noe håp om å forstå selv.

Det finnes ingen unnskyldninger for deg lenger.
Synes du ikke det er på tide å ta ansvar for dine egne handlinger?

Det må være så lett å skylde på andre hele tiden. Når jeg har skjønt hvorfor du gjorde som du gjorde, bør det kanskje gå opp et lys for deg også.

Friday, February 12

You should stop coming here.

There's nothing here for you to find.

Thursday, February 11

Visits 5.februar - 9

Jeg vet.
Det er pussig, det der, hvordan man kan dele opp besøk i foreksempel hvilke land de kom fra, og tilogmed hvilke byer. Tre forskjellige byer, en veldig kjent en.

Wednesday, February 3

Every melody in the trash.

"How do you know?"
"Think about it. Have you ever been happier than right now,
lying here in the grass?"

"I guess not. No."

"And have you ever been sadder?"


The Organ - No One Has Ever Looked So Dead

When you recycle your words


Det er så mange ting som flyter bakover nå, alt som var konstant er nå fortid.
Ganske enkelt, ganske følelsesløst, men jeg blir fortsatt svimmel og varm i hodet.
Du vet, den følelsen, man vet ikke om man er kvalm eller lettet.

Helt fra jeg var liten har jeg hatt en trang til å dekorere meg med minner som skal hindre meg i å gjøre de samme dumme feilene om og om igjen. Jeg gjør det igjen og igjen, alt som er meg er gamle minner og gamle arr, slik at jeg kan se verden for det den er. Et spill man alltid taper.
Jeg forstår ikke motiver, jeg har vanskelig for å se det gode i andre, jeg nekter meg selv å stole på noen.
Det er historien, og alle de tingene jeg dekorerer meg med.
Kanskje det er på tide å ta alt av, stå blottet for alle, stole på deg. Gudene skal vite det ville være en lettelse.

Så ta imot meg nå når jeg faller, og pass på meg for alltid.
Du har hele meg, og jeg vil ha alt av deg.

Thursday, January 28

Deleting & Laughing

But not really.

Thursday, January 21

Old times.

vil ta deg med hjem
og vise deg at jeg ikke alltid er stille og kjip
du kunne tatt av deg skoene mens du
så på hvem jeg har valgt å henge opp
bilder av i entreen og
så kunne jeg ha pekt på en bok jeg visste
at du også hadde lest og få deg til å se
på bokhyllene mine og alle de ordene
jeg har valgt å ha i nærheten av meg
du ville kanskje tittet på videostabelen
eller kaoset på skrivebordet
blyanter spredd utover utallige tegneblokker
og oppslåtte notatbøker overalt
mens jeg trykket play på stereoanlegget
og ventet på at du skulle skjønne
at du burde like meg


Broken Family Band - It's All Over

Tuesday, January 5


I natt:

På en strand stod jeg sammen med to andre jenter, og en mann med tre kjoler og et kamera stod med oss.
En kjole var hvit, en annen beige og den tredje grå og han delte dem ut til oss.
Jeg fikk den grå og skulle inn i et skifterom på stranden for å skifte, så han kunne ta bilder av oss.
Kjolen viste seg å egentlig være hvit, og jeg fikk plutselig panikk for at den skulle være gjennomsiktig ettersom jeg hadde på meg bikinien min under. Når jeg tok den på var den fantastisk.
Jeg er på spasertur med en person jeg egentlig ikke kjenner, bare vet hvem er. Hun triller en rosa sykkel ved siden av seg og snakker uavbrutt om hvor bekymret hun er for å sette den igjen på Storo.
Hun skal gi den bort til en gammel venn av meg, som jeg vet ikke kan hente den før i morgen, men jeg lyver og sier hun kommer snart. Vi setter den igjen på Storo og denne personen gjør et stort nummer ut av å låse sykkelen. Når vi snur oss for å gå, kikker jeg over skulderen min og ser på sykkelen, den mest absurde rosa sykkelen jeg har sett i mitt liv egentlig.
Jeg var plutselig på badet i en leilighet. Et rør ble blokkert kun av en ball og det viste seg at den var plassert der i et forsøk på å blokkere en lekkasje. Det var ingenting jeg kunne gjøre, ballen klarte ikke holde vannet tilbake og vannet fosset inn i badet og over meg. Jeg ble dyvåt og løp ut av leiligheten og ned en trapp som førte til en stor inngangshall. Den var fylt av vakter som forsøkte å roe ned situasjonen.
En av dem kom løpende bort til meg og begynte å skjelle meg ut til de grader, uten noen åpenbar årsak.
Dette knuste meg fullstending, så jeg sank ned på gulvet og gav meg til å skjelve av redsel og kulde.
En ukjent person kom bort og kjeftet på vakten for å ha skremt meg, og satte seg deretter på huk ved siden av meg i forsøk på å trøste. Venninnen hennes, som viste seg å være en venn av meg, Thea, kom også bort og gratulerte meg med dagen og gav meg et bursdagskort.
Jeg åpnet det, og inni lå en lang og flat rosa tyggegummi-remse. Det var også en tegning av en liten hund med bikini-overdel og et kjede med et rødt hjerte-anheng.
Deretter begynte Thea å synge en overraskelsessang om hunden Paco.
Jeg våknet 06.58 av at jeg lo høyt.

Når jeg leste nyhetene i dag, fant jeg denne artikkelen: Stor vannlekkasje ved Grønland i Oslo

Senere var jeg innom siden til en venninne på Facebook (som forøvrig også kjenner Thea) og finner følgende kommentar: "Onkel Pacooo!". (Denne onkel Paco var et marsvin..eller hamster)

Jeg er nå nervøs for hvilke hendelser jeg kommer til å oppleve utover dagen.