Sunday, July 18

Canada blog part 1

Greetings from Montreal, Canada.
I made it over here a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd share a few pleasures and pains about it, really. 
First of all, who could imagine it would be so easy to bring cats to Canada. If you were wondering, btw. It's very easy.
Paperwork, fine. I mean, we did prepare well. But for all I know, they didn't even look twice at it. Or once. Whatever.
Thing is. We delivered the cats and papers at the airport in Norway. So far, so good. They had no security questions what so ever. Oh, unless; "Are they babies?" counts as a security question. In which case. Good job, Gardermoen.
Then we hopped on the plane, and two hours later, we arrived in Amsterdam, and went off the stupid stairs to the ground to get off. But then, as we got off, I suddenly spotted the cats (or guys carrying the cats out of the hold) and I was determined to see them. Amazingly enough, I got to. Rakel asked to see them, and these really sweet guys carried them over and they looked completely retarded. (The cats by the way, not the guys). I mean, one was going MEOW!!! and the other looked sort of paralyzed, drooling with huge staring eyes.
At least I got to see them, right?
And then I got to think: Oh my God, I am putting them through another 8 hours of this crap. Poor cats.
Anyway. 8 hours later. We arrive at the airport, and I go straight to the KLM counter to ask where the cats are, because a friend of mine told me cats were transported a bit away from the airport and i had to pick them up there.
Apparently that was not the case this time. The woman went: Yeah, they should be delivered to you by the baggage claims.
We went there, of course, and what do you know, someone abandoned our cats right there, in the middle of the airport, just sitting there. I am so glad we didn't buy expensive cats with nice DNA now. Bastards ftw!
This was after passport control, by the way, which we were sure we would fail as we do not really have all our paperwork and also, we have return tickets 77 days from now. Yeah. "Vacation". Still feels like vacation, though, so I guess we're not liars.
Anyway, after that we arrived at La Cité, our current apartment, which is actually pretty great and we might want to stay here for a while. The cats did not only survive, but they are as I am writing, being so calm I could swear they're dead. (Honestly, I've checked. Don't worry, they ARE alive.)

Tonight, we went to see our very first Roller Derby game. And we've been obsessing about Roller Derby for a while now, seriously. And let me tell you something. It was for good reason!!
Roller Derby is the best sport there is. Ever. I will post pictures shortly, I swear.
But all in all, Montreal is pretty great so far. And I will keep doing my Canada blogs which no one reads, just for fun.
Good night all! We will be typing soon!


Böcük said...

I read them! So keep 'em coming :-)

Christine said...

jeg leser også :D hihi

Kitty said...

Haha yay, lesere!! That's a first. Okay, da skal jeg skrive mer jeg, om hverdagen i utlandet. ^^

Anonymous said...

Jeg leser også! :)

Arne said...

Jeg følger også med på livet i det store utland!

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