Saturday, July 10

Lets be friends!

Facebook friendships are retarded. When did friendships on Facebook become the official form of friendships in general. If someone deletes you as a friend from a page filled with one-click buttons, it's just over. Forever.
This is not a rage-post because someone deleted me as a friend, all though it might seem like it. Many a friend has probably deleted me from their lists, and I can't care less, I probably didn't even notice. In fact, I never have noticed, beside that one time where someone told me about the deletion. I deleted a friend.
Only because it was too annoying watching their status-updates, and I was pulling my hair out wondering if there wasn't anything I could do about that. And then I realized, you know, it's a fucking internet-page. I can do whatever I want to. It's not that official.
But apparently, I was wrong. It is. It's the new statement. Deletion from Facebook is damn serious these days.
You're not playing games anymore if you do. People get offended. You're being childish.
Who cares about Facebook? How many of the 300-1500 friends you have on there do you actually see from time to time? 30? Probably. Unless you're unemployed and seriously social. Good for you.
/rant over.

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