Monday, August 2

Canada blog part 3

One more week flew by, at least. I'm getting more familiar with Montreal, and all of the fun that comes with that!
Today was a classic example of that fun, particularly. But first, a short recap of recent events.
Rakel and I went walking (!) again, and found soon found ourselves at Neon Skates MTL, which is a tiny room in the back of another shop, and they sell equipment for Roller Derby. Rakel is set to start training any minute now, while I am being my usual indecisive self, still not sure whether or not to go for it.
We've still not purchased the equipment needed, but Rakel has confirmed boot camp participation, and I will get back to that later. ^^
I've however tried out some break dancing, which was a lot of fun, but those who know me, also probably know I'm pretty good at starting things I won't finish. So we'll see how that goes too.
We also went to Osheaga this weekend, and it was pretty neat. We got to see Beach House, which was sort of disappointing, mostly due to bad sound on their end, and lack of participation and engagement on ours.
The main attraction for us that day was Robyn, and that did not disappoint one bit! Beside that fact that we tried getting a picture of Rakel with her, but she was in too much of a hurry to notice our stalker-like attempts to attract her attention.
But the absolute highlight must have been "With Every Heartbeat", ending the concert accompanied by Montreal fireworks at just the right time. It was sort of magical.
We then ran for Arcade Fire and got to see Rebellion (Lies) and Neighborhood, and it was very very nice, even though it was better seeing them in Oslo, not doing a festival gig.
The day after, we were feeling a bit under the weather and went to see Metric, but we did not regret that, they were fantastic. Stadium Love was absolutely wicked, and Emily Haines kicks ass on stage.

Today, we had our first day back at work. It felt good getting back in there after the long break, there is such a thing as vacations lasting for too long.
And after work, we went to Ikea Montreal!
After a pretty long trip, doing metro and bus out to the middle of nowhere, as I would call it, we finally reached our destination, and pretty much spent 3-4 hours picking out essentials for our new place.
It was actually one of the better experiences I've had at Ikea, not too crowded and buying new stuff has always been one of my favorite activities. A bit of a let down when we went to get some food, as we found out that they did not sell the falafels they have in Norway. But when we asked to buy beer, we got all excited again, all was well.
Until we realized communication had failed us yet again, and we had actually purchased root beer. Success!

We finally made it through the store however, got all the huge stuff we needed to pick up, and got to the cash register. Getting all our stuff through there took some time, and then we were all set and ready to pay.
Then Rakel tried swiping her card only to find that it had a purchase limit of 1000$ daily, and we could not actually pay for our stuff.....So that was time well spent, we found.
Luckily, in the end they came up with the solution to put our stuff on hold for tomorrow and told us to come back with cash and pick up our fucking shit! They seemed superhappy about that, alright!
Anyway, I was so happy about our successful day, and the fact that we now had to do the bus and metro all the way back, I did the hamster dance so intensely that Rakel laughed until she cried.
Needless to say, I now needed a beer before getting some sleep for tomorrows trials.
Stay tuned as we find out whether or not someone has been too eager, and put all our stuff away again!

Goodnight from Montreal, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Ja..... hva skjedde?

Pixie said...

Vel, anonym, det er kanskje på tide med en oppdatering, men jeg kan forsikre deg om at vi ikke sitter på pappesker! :)

Merethe said...

ikke veldig anonym egentlig, det er slekta fra dalen som følger med.... men jeg har da ingen profil og da kommer det opp anonym :)) aha... nå skjønte jeg det jo hehe (flau) det var jo kjempe vanskelig....

Pixie said...

Ahaa, jammen da er jeg med!
Hehehe, det er ikke alltid så lett å få med seg alt, dette vet jeg alt om, jeg trykker på knapper i vildens sky uten å få med meg hva slags ting jeg avkrefter eller bekrefter. Noen ganger blir det krøll!
Men skal prøve å oppdatere litt her snart, har bare blitt mye hverdagsliv og lite spenning :P

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