Friday, October 15

Great Weather

Like, seriously though, we have the best weather in Montreal these days.

But you know, that's what Rakel got the umbrella for. I'm so glad it worked out for her. It sure seems to help!
Other than that, I thought it was time to update with some pictures from the apartment, since I haven't really done that here.
Don't laugh though, cause we're going to Ikea to further populate the emptiness in here. But here's what it look like right now: 

It's finally Friday, so here's hoping you all have a great weekend guys, and stay healthy and so on.
Oh, and come visit. You can sleep on the uncomfortable sofa. 
Well, unless that Ikea thing happens. Then you'll get to sleep on some uncomfortable bed-solution instead.


weather said...

Her er værvarselet fra GFS,

snø regn maps

Pixie said...


Merethe said...

Tror jeg skal sende deg et stoooooooort bilde av meg selv så du har noe å henge på veggen :))

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