Thursday, October 14

Random bathroom conversations

"Do you work in the office next door to ours?"
-"Uhm, sure, if your office is the one next to ours."
"Yeah, cool, what are you guys called again?"
"Right. Are you guys Finnish or something?"
-"No, no actually we're Norwegian. Kind of like Finnish though."
"Yeah. What is "hi" in Norwegian?"
-"Uhm, it's "hei"!"
"Oh. HAHA. So what's "how are you?"
-*feeling awkward* "Eh, hvordan går det?"
"Oh, that's different from Finnish!"
-"Yeah, you know Finnish?"
"No, not really."


In other news, I suck:

I was so sure there were more orange thumbtacks than green ones. Also, I wish I had the time to make them straighter, but that would look kind of strange spending time on.
Now I'm just really put off by looking at them.

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