Sunday, March 20


I just remembered one of my absolute favorite things when I was younger.
We'd have pancakes quite often in our house. Pancakes aren't exactly the fanciest of dinners, nor most expensive one.
It catered well to our family, I think. We'd also have pea soup as a starter, which I always loved.
I quite enjoyed pancakes. I remember having pancakes at my friends houses and they would be stacked on a plate all ready, hidden underneath a piece of tin foil or a kitchen towel so they would stay warm.
But not in our house, no.
One of my favorite things about dad is that he'd always make one pancake for each of us at a time, so they would be completely fresh off the pan.
He would run back and forth during the entire meal making sure our pancakes were as warm as they could get.
And we would always eat a truck load of them.


Arne said...

Just come for a visit and I will make sure you get your fresh warm pancakes. I haven't made any since Lillehammer.

Siri GS said...

pannekaker til søndagsmiddag!
(kanskje med tomatsuppe først, til og med).

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