Monday, July 30

Past Life

When you know this has happened to her before.
These words, they are on repeat.
These feelings, are they really new?
These plans, are they just recycled?

The need to say it's so different, is it natural? Do we feel compelled to? Do we forget our past sins and regrets?
Do we wish, or do we know?

My heart breaks over and over. But is it really new?

Thursday, July 19


The basement is cold, and I am searching everywhere. I feel hollow. It's all so dark.
I feel like it's snowing when I open the door and look up the staircase. I don't think it is, but it's what you're sending me. Black snow.
The two of you have put your heads close together, and with lowered voices I can hear the poison coming out of you. You're laughing at me when I'm not looking.
I feel like it's my punishment for the trust I try to pretend I have in you both.
You stare down at me with dead, yet hateful eyes. Like you've built us up for this moment to arrive.
For me to break.

Then I wake up.

Tuesday, July 10


I guess it never occurred to you that you might be lucky too.
But who am I to judge. Maybe you are too good for me.

Monday, July 9

Our secrets

These secrets that we share, these truths we keep from each other.
We're born and raised like this I suppose, and from experience it keeps growing more deceitful. These stupid little secrets that come to mean so much more than they had to, or that actually meant a lot the whole time.
Perhaps would have changed the course of destination, but were kept to prevent that.
Still, those secrets are kept somewhere, by someone, sometimes by the wrong someones. And they reappear, and they haunt us, and they never let go.
All those secrets that we share. Just not with each other.